Architecture, design and branding are integrated at Codesign

At a recent lecture, Martrin Frostner discussed the characteristic Art-Noveau design of the Paris Metro, and how it was created through a close collaboration between the typographer George Auriol and the architect Hector Guimard. In the audience, listening closely, was Codesign founder Peter Ullstad. And there and then a new idea was born. Shortly after Codesign announced the expansion of its architecture agency. And a new strategy and brand design function has been created that will be led by Martin Frostner in his new role as Head of Brand Design.

Martin Frostner is a well-established graphic designer. He has spent the past 15 years working at the intersection between design, architecture and brand development. During this time he has also taught at Sweden’s leading design schools, including Konstfack, Berghs, Beckmans and Forsbergs, as well as at design schools in England, France and Norway. Most recently, Martin has been running his own company.

“The importance of communicating the same values at every contact point – be it the physical, spatial or digital world – is equally important at a school, restaurant, office, shop, destination or newly built city district,“ says Martin. “Personally, I’m really happy that the demand for these type of “cross-over” services is growing, as it increases the opportunity to change and develop the industry as a whole.”

The Codesign Brand Studio will expand under the stewardship of Martin Frostner with more brand development and design experts in in line with demand. At the moment, the studio is busy developing a new visual identity for a furniture company. Another example of on going work is a student residence where a digital identity is being integrated with the physical environment.

“As far as I’m aware, Codesign is the only organisation providing such a holistic offer.” says Ulrica O Magnusson, Codesign CEO. “I think this is because we always think beyond the building or the interior. We believe in empowering the architecture, and adding more competences that can create greater benefits, and convey unique feelings and stories.”

For more information, please contact:
Ulrica O Magnusson:, 0763 06 86 99
Martin Frostner:, 0707 28 55 30

Codesign is an architecture firm founded in Stockholm. The agency employs more than 50 people and had a 2016 turnover of approximately 60 SEK. Examples of typical assignments include iZettle and Nordnet.