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Lina Narvaja

Lina (Architect SAR/MSA) studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Ecole de l'Architecture de la Villette in Paris. With close to ten years experience in architectural creation, she has worked with everything from interior design and detailed design of private homes to major housing projects for clients like Oscar Properties and Magnolia Bostad (homes). In many of her projects Lina has been involved in multiple stages of the construction process – from concept sketches and designs to construction planning and completion. She likes nothing more than being present at a construction site to ensure that the end result meets everybody’s high expectations. Lina has also spent several years as a guest lecturer at the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

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Helena Söderlund
Finance Manager

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Monika Lenkmann

Monika is currently on leave.

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Cathrin Lange

Cathrin (Architect SAR / MSA) has broad experience from different cultures and projects. This includes projects ranging from the metropolises of Asia to rural areas of Sweden, and from drafting detailed plans to deciding on the choice of a door handle. She has a particular interest in schools and learning environments, and she herself has lectured at Uppsala University. Cathrin has also researched the relationship between pedagogy and architecture, and how it impacts the school environment. Her approach to a project puts a great deal of importance on dialogue and getting the right perspective to create architecture for people.

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Ossian Badman
Project Manager

Ossian’s main interests lie in interior design and how it can support and improve people’s day-to-day work. His project experience includes interior design, procurement and delivery, as well as feasibility studies and requirements analysis. Thanks to a background in business and finance, he has a keen eye for budgets and procurement.

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Moa Rydberg Dahlin

Moa began her career with Codesign as an intern, while studying architecture at the Stockholm Royal Institute of Engineering. During this time she developed an interest in architectural representation, which was also the topic of her degree thesis. This interest has generated a fascination with the boundaries of art, architecture and graphic design. Moa believes it's important that people feel comfortable in the architecture that is created for them.

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Johan Carpner
Project Manager

Johan has a successful background as a designer with several awards and scholarships for his designs and product designs. He is constantly trying to challenge modern conventions with a new approach to design, while ensuring it isn’t experienced as odd or incomprehensible. He believes small changes provide new impressions and that everything – from a line of text to a house – acts as communication with the receiver of a message. He strongly believes in the power of curiosity, of listening to others and people’s desire to share ideas and knowledge. This is what has led Johan to the role of a Designer/Project Manager where both planning and design receive equal attention.

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Silvio Moro Caceres

Silvio studied architecture in Paraguay and went on to get a Masters in Real Estate Finance from Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology. He has worked as a planning and project manager in Sweden and a project head on various overseas projects. Silvio has a great ability to understand and manage the financial side of a project when it comes to the architectural part of any and every project.

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Jonathan Yamamoto Wahlstedt

Jonathan has a degree in interior architecture and furniture design from the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. During his studies he spent time at art school in Tokyo. Jonathan also has a degree in archaeology and has completed a curatorial education in exhibition production. He has designed exhibits for museums and created stage sets for theatre and dance performances. Jonathan's interest in architecture grew out of the desire to understand how we humans perceive and are affected by the room and the world around us from the perspective of the body and mind.

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Moa Yombi

Moa's interest in architecture (MAA)and urban development began to flourish at an early age when she accompanied her father to construction sites. While doing her Masters, she developed a user-focused process kit that could be used with the young and old during the study phase of an architecture or design project. Her passion and inspiration come from working with users and clients, which she then uses to develop inspiring environments that fulfil their function. Moa has also worked as a volunteer in a disaster area in the Philippines where she helped develop indoor and outdoor learning environments.

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Petra Lindfors

Petra is a qualified architect (SAR / MSA) who has practiced in Sweden and the US. She has worked with every stage of the architectural process from initial concept and analysis to design and coordination of construction work. All of the projects that Petra has been involved in – be it schools, exhibitions or offices – have all had one thing in common: they were conducted in close cooperation with users and clients.

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Jelena Mijanović
Architect / Responsible Codesign Research Studio

In her role as the Head of Codesign Research Studio, Jelena combines her experience from both industry and academia. She is currently a lecturer at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology two days a week. Jelena has studied and lectured at Oxford Brooks University in the UK, as well as the Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design and Columbia University School of Architecture in New York. Jelena‘s practical experience has been concentrated around rooms and architecture as a vehicle for identity within the commercial world. Over the years she has designed homes, bridges and tunnels in Los Angeles, Stockholm and New York.

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Ulrica Magnusson

With a background in business, finance and marketing, Ulrica has 20 years of experience as a project manager in property management and business and organisational growth. Ulrica spends much of her time at Codesign in discussions with colleagues, potential new colleagues, customers, partners, shareholders and the board of directors. When not doing this or dealing with her administrative responsibilities, she is looking outwards and upwards to see where she can lead the company.

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Love Neuschutz
Interior Architect

Love has extensive experience within architecture and design, with an emphasis on interior and furniture design as well as finding unique solutions to the smallest details. He has experience in all projects stages, from analysis of business needs and concept development approaches to design and coordination of construction and interior work. Many of his projects have involved defining concepts whereby the physical environment reflects the brand.

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Sanna Gebeyehu
Concept Developer

Over the past 15 years Sanna has worked with exhibitions and brand strategy activities within design, architecture, art, food, fashion and music, with an established list of clients and partners. Her expertise lies in developing strong concepts that affect people at different levels and in-turn create value to all concerned.

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Linda Gustafsson Lutener

Linda has a genuine interest in architecture (SAR / MSA) and urban planning, no matter how big or small a project is. Her inspiration comes from the possibilities of using dialogue and architecture in harmony to create long-term social- and economically sustainable projects and communities. Before Linda moved to Sweden, more than three years ago, she was based in London where she worked on urban planning and public buildings. Linda has experience in all the stages of the construction process; from early design and conception phases to completion and review.

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Veine Bartos

Veine Bartos was educated at the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. He began working at Codesign Research Studio in 2015 and was involved in the "Body and Border" project, which received international acclaim after exhibits in Stockholm and Belgrade, among others. He joined Codesign in September 2016. Alongside his work at Codesign, Veine is also a set designer and is active with Ställbergs mine, a platform for contemporary art in the old mining region of Bergslagen.

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Richard Seifert

Richard began his career as a designer, specialising in 3D graphics. During this time, he studied to become a project manager; something he is passionate about and believes is his natural vocation. He also has a good understanding of the manufacturing industry from his days spent producing furniture. The communication and relationship among a client, architect, and builder fascinates Richard and motivates him to refine and improve the process. He uses 3D graphics in communication at an early stage of a project to ensure there are fewer misunderstandings. With a background in elite sports, where he competed for the Swedish national team, Richard is very focused and goal-oriented once he puts his mind to it.

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Christel Magnusson
PAO (People and Organization)

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Karen Holmgren
Interior Architect

Karen has a background in business and finance, including a spell as a business controller in the banking world in Stockholm and Copenhagen. After 10 years she pursued further education in interior architecture in New York. Following several years of experience with private housing, Karen returned to Sweden where she has worked on a wide variety of projects. These include restaurants and offices that use architecture to build a brand, while focusing attention on the employee perspective.

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Johan Alvfors

Johan is a recent graduate of architecture, which he studied in Stockholm and Zurich. Prior to becoming an architect, he worked with education policy where he focused on teaching and learning environments. Johan is particularly interested in the relationship between major social issues and the smallest details. Whether it's accommodation, the workplace or a seat of learning, his interest is in how architecture makes a difference. Johan's experience of change and the ability to quickly understand an organisation, goes hand in hand with an interdisciplinary and evolving process.

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Lina Åkerlund
Project Manager

Over the years Lina’s career has been concentrated around interior design, the furniture industry and the Swedish art scene. Her work has been driven by a genuine love of the unexpected within design. Lina also has extensive experience of working with digital communication, both strategically and operationally. As a project manager she enjoys coordinating every step of the architectural process, harmoniously and with an attention to detail.

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Kimberley Beauprez

Kimberley has a passion for architecture that combines social aspects with structural engineering solutions. After completing her technically-oriented architectural training in Belgium, she supplemented her knowledge with an education programme in industrial design to learn more about user-centric design and processes. She works mostly with residential architecture where she allows the project’s needs to steer the design process, regardless of whether it is an apartment buildings or a kitchen.

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Linnea Börjars
Service Coordinator

Linnea is Codesign’s service coordinator. Although she is often involved at different stages of a project, her main responsibility is aftermarket - following up and resolving things that can occur after delivery. According to Linnea, good service is all about building relationships with customers and colleagues. Basically, she believes everybody feels the need to be noticed and acknowledged. With experience from exhibitions and events, Linnea takes a proactive, solution-oriented approach and looks at the big picture without compromising on details.

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Linda Fredén

Linda is a driven architect ( SAR / MSA) who delivers strong concepts to meet any challenge. She is used to being involved throughout the entire architectural process - from feasibility studies, analysis, investigation and concept development to execution and completion of a construction or renovation project. Thanks to this, Linda has developed a great ability to work both holistically and with important details. Linda is used to managing different types of processes and workshops for reference groups and steering committees. Working with clients and their teams throughout a project is of paramount importance and a prerequisite for Linda.

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Adnan Brkic

Adnan is a fresh graduate from the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark. The focus during his studies was in the interconnectivity between organisations, people, nature and architecture. His experience lies in team-synergy and process guiding from his parallel work as a coordinator, during the time at the school. He also has previous architectural experience in hybrid methodology from an office in Copenhagen. This brings to the table a people-driven approach with an emphasis on the borders between architectural disciplines.

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Nadine Aschenbach

Nadine has close to 15 years of professional experience (SAR / MSA) from Sweden and the UK. During this time she has worked on many projects and been involved at every stage of the architectural process. This includes everything from analysis and concept development to design and supervising construction work. Nadine is also extremely interested in urban planning and sustainability issues and has expanded her expertise in these areas in recent years.

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Martha Brauer

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Johanna Nenander

Johanna has studied in Stockholm and Delft, in the Netherlands, and she has professional experience from both Denmark and Sweden. Her experience ranges from urban development to interior design concepts, furniture making, and graphic and exhibition design. Collaborative and interdisciplinary processes are a common interest for Johanna and she applies them where possible in her projects. Johanna has extensive experience of working with many different contacts in an organisation. She believes in the importance of a user influencing their environment and consequently she promotes a more inclusive and transparent architecture process.

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Anton Valek

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Helen Wahlberg

Helen has been practicing architecture professionally for more than five years. During this time she has worked with the planning of multiple projects, simultaneously. Her experience includes working with branding architecture, concept development, activity-based offices, and set and furniture design. Previous to becoming an architect Helen worked as a graphic designer and art director within the advertising and web industry, where she specialised in storytelling, web design and typography. This unique background helps her turn ideas into feasible projects with a focus on brand building architecture.

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Peter Ullstad
Architect and Founder

Peter founded Codesign in the late 90s when he was studying architecture. For the first 15 years it operated as a small-scale entrepreneurial enterprise, allowing Peter to meet his commitments to the academic world, while running the business. During this time he was a , teacher, a departmental head, a communications manager and a CAD design team leader. Today Peter uses his broad network to help grow the company. He has a strong belief that the world can be changed for the better; something that can be witnessed in his lectures and his vision for the future. Peter brings a great amount of energy to Codesign. He has set the bar high and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

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Elis Forsgård
Project Manager

Elis has a keen interest in development and optimisation; something that he applies to all the projects he is involved in, particularly those involving architecture and organisational development. With his background in mathematics, he brings a unique, methodical problem-solving skillset to any project. He enjoys the opportunity to develop employees and improve organisations through the physical environment. Elis has experience in all areas of building development, from early feasibility studies and requirement assessments, to planning, production, final delivery and follow-up.

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Emelie Heinlo
Change and learning manager

Emelie is responsible for project develoment – from a pedagogical perspective – for school and social development projects at Codesign. She likes nothing better than collaborating with clients and end users to visualise and specify the goals, vision and values of a project, in order to create the ideal learning environment. Emelie has extensive experience from education, both as a teacher and a development manager. She has also worked with project management and design in her previous role as a costume maker and stylist.

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Frida Wanselius
Interior Architect

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Ida Isaksson
Interior Architect

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Lovisa Kroon

Lovisa is a certified SAR/MSA architect. She studied at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology and at the University of Ferrara in Italy. After ten years in the industry, she has extensive experience from every aspect of architecture, ranging from concept development to initial drawings and completed projects. She’s also no stranger to planning, and has managed complex redevelopment projects. But if necessary she can also design small detailed carpentry work. Lovisa’s interest in housing has meant that during the past few years she has focused on designing houses, apartment complexes and loft/penthouse developments. She is happy to put time on the small details to ensure the best results for an entire project.

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Gabriel Stuart

Gabriel’s interests lie in concept and identity, and how these affect and are affected by people. He has gradually worked his way up through different design disciplines: from accessories to tattoos, clothing, design, theatre, community art projects and now architecture. This broad experience has given him a good understanding of how different industries and types of design relate to one another and often overlap. Gabriel has written a book for designers as part of his degree on design, identity and user perspective, called “The Artist."

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Staffan Virke

Staffan studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (MSA). He has been an active member of Codesign since 2003 helping to build the business into what it is today. Over the years he has mainly worked with exhibitions, offices and schools. In his projects, Staffan pays particular attention to users and has a running dialogue with them throughout the entire process – from feasibility study to completed project.

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Carl Ståhle
Head of Marketing, Communication & PR

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Åsa Grönlund
Project Manager

Åsa is a project manager who works primarily in the design, procurement, delivery and aftermarket phases of a project. She has extensive experience as an interior designer and construction project manager in the private sector. Her main interests in architecture concern people's needs and functions in their day-to-day lives, and she believes this is how new and useful solutions and designs can be created to harmoniously merge colour and design.

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Sofia Löwhagen

Sofia has worked as a managing architect (SAR / MSA) for almost 20 years. She has the ability to ask the right questions at the right time in order to initiate dialogue at critical stages of a project and thus ensure objectives and goals are achieved. Sofia has worked extensively with project planning and the early stages of a project. This includes everything from hand sketches to BIM. Over the years she has been the managing architect for the rebuilding of 30,000 sq. m. sites and new buildings measuring up to 13,000 sq. m. for customers such as JM, NCC, SISAB and several municipalities in central Sweden. In recent years Sofia has chosen to work primarily with schools and nurseries.

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Ying Sun
Interior Architect

After spending several years working in interior design and exhibition concept development in Beijing, Ying decided to study in Sweden. In June 2013 she graduated from the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design with a degree in interior architecture and furniture design. She then joined the Codesign Research Studios programme. Today, she works as an interior designer at Codesign and is involved in several different projects, including art exhibitions and concept design for both small and large projects. She strongly believes in the influence of context and approaches design from different angles and cultural references.

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+46 (0)76 341 70 45
Camilla Nordgren

Camilla is a member of the Swedish Architects Association (SAR/MSA), and has experience from every stage of the architectural process – from initial concept design to project completion. She is particularly interested in the dialogue and meeting created between people and the urban environment and how architecture can be used as a means to influence them. Camilla spent several years working in London mainly with sustainable adaption of projects. She has worked with new construction, restoration projects and interior design for hotel chains such as the Holiday Inn and Radisson Blu in the UK.

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+46 (0)760 45 45 00
Jon Mjönes

Jon studied architecture ( SAR / MSA) at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology. He has in-depth knowledge from urban development projects and private housing, as well as restaurant and office interior design. He has extensive experience in tenant improvement programmes from his time as an architect for development and rental property owners. Jon has also taught at the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, where he tutored students who studied interior architecture and furniture design. At Codesign, Jon has worked with change management, work processes and home and interior design.

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Julia Andersson

Julia (Architect MSA / MAA) has a passion for architecture that enables people to grow, no matter what the project is: whether it’s the municipality of Bjuv’s investment in a new school, the update to Tech Farm’s collective accommodation or the innovative office environments at Klustret. When she graduated from the School of Architecture in Copenhagen in 2015, she worked with the architects at Q2. When not involved with architecture, Julia is involved in various projects on the border between art and architecture. This experience has given her a strong conceptual ability, but also an understanding of how concepts are turned into sketches, drawings and eventually results that people take note of and interact with.

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+46 (0)70 438 03 19
Sita Jobanputra

Sita began her professional life in England, where she worked for Architype in London. Whilst there, she developed a passion for an ecologically sustainable approach to architecture and design. She then went on to write a Master's thesis at the University of Sheffield on the challenges surrounding the relationship between sustainability and aesthetics. Sita is also actively interested in the psychology of fear, risk, reward and danger in public areas. When she’s not in the office, Sita pursues her other interest, dancing. And as a trained dancer and ballet teacher she has an eye for the connection between the physical architectural environment, movement and dance.

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+46 (0) 708 95 62 59
Malin Bergman

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Tove Siöwall

Tove studied architecture (SAR/MSA) at Chalmers University, the Stockholm Royal Institute of Engineering, and TU Darmstadt. She has extensive experience in process management and planning from a wide range of projects. Most recently, her roll has focused on closely supporting property developers involved in tenant improvement projects.

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