Codesign Research Studio

Our goal is to identify and eliminate the gap between policy makers and users in order to create discussion about what architecture is and can do, as well as question the role and responsibility of the architect.

Codesign Research Studio, CORS, is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Codesign. It is made up of recently graduated architects and designers who receive the support of experienced architects at Codesign. It operates at the intersection between theory and practice, developing independent inquiry, focusing on people, and exploring issues that are rarely highlighted.

CoRS participated in the following events during the spring of 2017
Codesign Research Studio is studying the way to and through Europe from a refugees point of view. Through interviews, we have gathered information about the spatial consequences of the laws that hinder refugees from getting to Europe safely. The research material was translated into urban interventions and walks in Stockholm city, for example on Kulturnatt Stockholm on the 29th of April 2017.

27/4 Access Europé, in collaboration with Intercult
29/4 Kulturnatt Stockholm, in collaboration with med Kulturhuset
29/5-2/6 CityScapes, in collaboration with Intercult

Markus Hölbling, Architect, Helena Cervin Ellqvist, Architect, Jelena Mijanovic, Architect and ProgrammeHead, and Leni Ellburg, Architect.