“Independent research and practical execution”

What is Codesign Research Studio?
Codesign Research Studio is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the Codesign Architectural Bureau. It was established to promote independent research together with practical execution. Codesign Research Studio is made up of architects, designers, project managers, urban planners and communication specialists.

Why does Codesign Research Studio exist?
Codesign Research Studio was launched in 2014 to engage in issues that concern and include architecture.

What does Codesign Research Studio do?
Codesign Research Studio explores architecture as a means of controlling the spatial inclusion and exclusion of people. In doing so Codesign Research Studio questions the role and responsibility of architects.

Codesign Research Studio also identifies environments in which users and policy makers are divided on the purpose and quality of a space. Codesign Research Studio facilitates discussion on these issues and suggests solutions to policy makers and users that brings them closer together.

How does Codesign Research Studio function?
Based on the architect’s perspective and the tools and methods at hand, Codesign Research Studio highlights current social issues and promotes discussion around them.

Who is Codesign Research Studio aimed at?
The goal of Codesign Research Studio is to influence those who take decisions on whom can enter a space, why they can do so, and how it can be best utilised by its users.

What working processes are employed at Codesign Research Studio?
Codesign Research Studio utilises an alternative process of self-initiated, independent investigation, which results in collaborative and practical experiences for all parties. Collaboration is initiated once a problem has been defined, a position has been taken in relation to the problem, and a strategy has been developed on how the problem can be publicly debated. The traditional methodology – as defined by the industry – is that architects work within the terms of reference set by their clients. Within academia, exploration is usually independent but it often lacks a connection to current social and practical executions. Codesign Research Studio sits at the intersection between academia, commercial practice, subject area and the multitude of related professions.