This is how we do it

We walk through the different stages listed below – often in a non-linear fashion – passing between them as and when appropriate to get the desired results.

1. Data collection:
Soft and hard data are collected from a relevant community or area.

2. Analysis:
Collected data is analysed from an architect’s perspective, with the appropriate methodology and tools.

3. Problem definition:
This analysis forms the basis of a problem definition, which describes the issues between policy makers and users regarding how a space will be used and for what purposes.

4. Positioning:
Codesign Research Studio forms an opinion on how to define the problem and formulate a productive debate.

5. Communication:
A strategy is defined on the best way to debate the issues, including the form in which it will be debated, i.e. in which forum, whom will be addressed, etc.

6. Partners:
Relevant partners are contacted and the project is developed to achieve maximum effect.

7. Execution:
A three dimensional public debate is held.

8. Social debate:
The debate highlights the political architectural perspective.