“The Floor Manager welcomes you into the living room”

In competition with six other agencies, Codesign won the pitch to update the office of leading media agency MediaCom. The office is located in a grand old building in downtown Stockholm. The design mixed recycled furniture with new, to create a concept that reflects the company’s values ​​- People First, Better Results.

Staff, customers and partners, all meet at MediaCom’s offices. It was therefore natural to put people first when developing the interior design concept. The idea was to create a warm and welcoming feeling – a bit like coming home to MediaCom.

The large meeting areas and conference rooms were prioritised. Instead of being greeted by a traditional reception desk visitors are met by the Floor Manager who welcomes everyone into the living room, a large area that is open all the way from the entrance to the bistro with its kitchen and dining room.
Blinds act as room dividers. The walls are covered with bespoke Codesign wire frames housing magazines and hanging plants. The redesign of the office has created a vibrant environment, which can easily be altered by moving or replacing some of the furnishings.

Project team

Sanna Gebeyehu
Concept Developer
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