Do you want to join us?

Next research period:

Official start: 20.09.01

Introduction days: 20.08.24 – 20.08.26 

Apply latest: 20.06.08

Applications are sent to:

Number of available places: 3

Head of team: Jelena Mijanovic,

Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree


Program ratio:

60% of work-time spent in research studio and 40% of work-time spent acquiring work experience through participating in Codesign projects.

  2. Salary:

    The salary corresponds to the student loan which CSN, (The Swedish Board of Student Finance) grants full-time students. Codesign Research Studio provides the necessary equipment; computer, telephone and workplace.

The main content of the programme:

The program merges an academic and a practical approach to architecture. It helps you identify areas in which these two worlds can support and strengthen each other in order to ad new definitions of the role of the architect and the type of work that an architect can contribute to and participate in. During the year you will have access to the office and be given a laptop, telephone and all other practical necessities you need to perform a professional job. You will also attend tutorials, seminars and relevant lectures that support the research project.


Course outcome:

The aim of the studio is to provide the participant with in-depth knowledge and understanding of how research and practice can assist teams working with architecture and urban development. After completing the program, you will be able to:

  1. 1. Formulate issues and arguments, debate your point of view, and initiate projects based on critical analysis.
  3. 2. Develop ideas using a variety of creative methods.
  5. 3. Get an overview of different phases and methods within a Codesign project.