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What is Codesign Research Studio?

Codesign Research Studio (CoRS) is a self-initiated, independent, non-profit research studio that investigates the architectural implications of today ́s politics. CoRS is also a network consisting of current and previous team-members and an always expanding agency of partners, collaborators and experts within different fields of work.


Why does Codesign Research Studio exist?

There is a need in the commercial architectural field to challenge the role of the architect, to take societal responsibility to a higher extent and critical thinking regarding architecture can be including or excluding.


What does Codesign Research Studio do?

With an architect’s tools and methods, using architecture as evidence, CoRS identifies conflicts or misunderstandings between users of space and decision makers. By visualizing the problem in two and three dimensions, through drawings, models, spaces, etc., CoRS creates a platform for discussion, with the aim of finding solutions that would bring the two groups closer to each other. In that sense, CoRS acts as a mediator or link between users and decision makers. CoRS operates at many scales, from the particularity of architecture’s impact on the human body to the structural societal scale.

How does Codesign Research Studio function?

The team is annually replaced by a set of new members, where the previous members becomes a part of the greater CoRS network. CoRS works half time at the architectural firm Codesign to finance the studio’s work, and is at the same time dependent on seeking financial contributions from external sources. The team is also assisted by the knowledge and experience of the greater CoRS network and the architects, designers, project leaders, communicators employed at Codesign.


Who is Codesign Research Studio aimed at?

CoRS is targeting groups that not ordinary have the influence to affect architecture around them for research. The material gathered is then communicated spatially to the concerned group holding the power, which could be politicians, decision-makers, the public etc.


What work processes are employed at Codesign Research Studio?

CoRS works through the methods of research, data gathering, analysis, problem definition, positioning, applications for financial support, site visits, workshops, networking for new collaborations, strategies for spatial communication, lectures, debates, magazine articles, exhibitions etc.

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