A Free City

The Free City Project aims to use architecture to improve conditions for asylum seekers in Sweden. A lack of empathy, poor quality housing, poor integration policies, and ill-considered placement, form the basis of an unsustainable housing policy.
The Free City Project aims to find ways of improving integration with architectural tools. We believe that the problems can be solved by believing in the potential of the individual and the interaction between people.

Improve the situation of asylum seekers based on individual needs and achieve results through architectural solutions. Our belief is that all people need to feel like they belong. Based on the activities and individual common interests, we believe that the home and the local community can be a platform for people to interact and integrate.

The project was presented when CORS participated in the Swedish Society for Design’s PechaKucha Night during Stockholm Design Week in February 2015. The work was also presented in a report, which was published in May 2015. The project ideas were covered in depth in Sweden’s financial daily newspaper and the magazine Architecture.

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Project team

Jelena Mijanović
Architect / Responsible Codesign Research Studio
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