Our Methods

Change is good
Whether you are a property owner who wants to build a new shopping centre or a company moving into a rented space, change is required, and that can be both exciting and foreboding. Change, however, is part of our everyday life. We thrive in this environment and are specialists in making our customers feel secure throughout the change process.
So let’s get started.


We shake hands, clap hands and sign an agreement.

Interview time

We learn all about you.

The workshop

All the cards are put on the table and we start playing from the same hand.

Site study

We interpret the findings based on our experience and competence.

Data Collection

We put everything into context.

Site study

We gather people’s requirements and feelings about the project.
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Inclusive architecture

We take part in every stage of the architectural process, whether it involves tenants, property owners, visitors, customers, trustees, you name it. Our method is designed to create understanding of users' everyday lives. With these insights we create inclusive architecture, no matter how big or small a project is. We are equally active in the big picture – governing urban environments – as we are in the small details like the kind of coffee served in the kitchen.


We now understand the users' needs and start designing the building or environment.


We develop architectural concepts based on our preliminary studies.

We ensure the building is constructed

Interior and furnishing

We plan and procure the furnishings and design bespoke items if so desired.

Implementation and evaluation

From feasibility studies to positioning the plant pot at the entrance, we're with you all the way. Then we follow up and evaluate the end result together.

Targets and expectations

In order to ensure a project’s success, expectations must be agreed upon according to timings, knowhow and financing. It’s our responsibility to ensure we all agree and have the same expectations. And the best way to do this is collaboratively. Agreeing on targets and the vision of a project is essential for success and a long-lasting relationship.

An environment without people is like love without an embrace

By this we mean that relevance only arises in the meeting between an organisation and the platform that supports it. As people we are far better served if someone understands what we need. Therefore architecture cannot be just about problem solving and drawing up plans; if so the value it offers can only be measured in terms of financial savings – and these will never add up to enough. To create true value, architectural tools must be used to identify how business benefits can be maximised. And the best way to do this is by understanding the vision.

From here we can develop and formulate questions that we will explore via interviews, workshops, surveys and questionnaires, until we have the answers.

The end result is delivered in many different forms. It may be a new school or an innovative building. A concept written down on a sheet of paper. A film or a design manual under constant development. The solution is a result of the need, and together with our customer we identify the real need.

Benefits and emotions:

Fewer tables equals higher sales

Restaurant Elverket
While the number of tables and the size of the active serving area decreased by 30%, sales increased by 40% after just two months and continued to steadily rise.

Reducing bullying

Stockholm City Mission School
We transformed the traditional “school corridors” to public areas without dead ends. According to a school study, this reduced the feeling of alienation and the amount of bullying at the school. Moreover, the number of applications to the school rose dramatically.

  • 99% customer satisfaction

    99% of employees and visitors to the Stockholm City Mission Youth Clinic were satisfied with the solution we created for them. However, we would like to get in touch with that 1% – and ask them what we could have done better?

  • We said thanks,
    but no thanks

    We were approached for help by a provider of rental office space that believed they had problems with the designs of their rooms. Our location studies revealed that the problem lie not with the rooms but the need for better services for tenants. So we declined the project.

  • 1255

    The number of miniature figures handed out at the opening of the Venice Biennale in May, 2016. The aim of “Include me” was to raise awareness of the question “Who is included in architecture, the Biennale and the EU?” Each miniature figure represented 1,000 refugees seeking asylum in the EU in 2015. (UNHCR). .

We have it so good.
It’s not right that the police don’t receive training in how to deal with teenage girls who self-harm. They used to. The Society for Children’s Rights took care of it, but they were forced to abandon the training due to lack of resources. Nor is it right that expectant teenage mothers are left alone with a new-born without any support. But thankfully they get the help from the Stockholm City Mission.

We all know somebody who has cancer. We die of cancer. It’s not right. Last year the Cancer Society raised 500 million SEK in private donations that went directly to research. Modern society is based on people’s willingness to help and contribute. We urge you to take part. Small business owners, business leaders, individuals and family members – just do it. We have what it takes. Visit the Fundraising Council website http://www.frii.se/medlemmar/lista/ and select a certified charity. Let’s support those who are passionate about a charity and its good work, and know how to maximise the benefits from a donation. Give them 10% of your profits just like we do.