Challenge: Design a popup-office for Sweden's second largest property developer.

Together with the AMF Property Development Company, we chose to work solely with recycled products and materials, to both protect the environment and minimise the budget. Furthermore, the conditions at the premises controlled the end result to a large degree. In recent years, AMF Property Development has grown into Sweden’s second largest real estate company and they felt the need to move to their own premises in order to strengthen corporate culture.

There are both fixed and flexible workplaces at the new office. Somewhat like a theatre, a number of different environments, scenes and backdrops have been created for different moods. “The new office gave us the opportunity to test various functions and working methods, while taking into account the environment. These are important lessons in our aim to be the best partner for our customers,” says Mats Hederos, President of AMF Property Development. 


Where possible, only recycled products and materials are used. This includes everything from the floors that were polished to look like new, to the vases that were bought at charity shops. Likewise, instead of tearing down and ripping out traces of the previous tenant the building has been adapted to suit AMF Property Development.

Team: Linda Fredén,  Linda Tufvasson,  Ulrica O Magnusson
team: linda fredén, Ulrica Magnusson

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