Andersson Gustafsson Solicitors

"Welcome, credible and professional"

Andersson Gustafsson Solicitors had outgrown its premises and they gave Codesign the challenge of creating a new office in the same building as NK, Stockholm’s premium department store. The law firm, which had previously been spread over two floors, now wanted to locate to a single floor that was characterised by the motto “Welcome, credible and professional.” They wanted the office space to feel familiar and informal.


“Andersson Gustafsson Solicitors is characterised by a strong internal culture and cohesive nature, which was important to retain and promote. We therefore created a large kitchen/dining and meeting area where everyone can meet and the entrepreneurial spirit of the organisation can grow even stronger. In addition, dedicated project space was created to promote meetings and collaborative work outside of employer’s offices, “says Love Neuschütz, Architect at Codesign.


Andersson Gustafsson Solicitors have a modern office on the 6th floor with a welcoming lobby and meeting rooms. As you walk further in, the kitchen is a natural focal point, where people can meet and play darts and table tennis. The communication among the firm’s various practice groups has increased, which was an important outcome set in the challenge for the new office.

Team: Love Neuschutz, Ossian Badman, Ulrica Magnusson

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