Body & Border

In the exhibition Body&Border, Codesign Research Studio (CoRS) questions the purpose and of the new European borders.

With the use of architectural tools and methods, different border typologies are analysed and deconstructed. Details, shapes, dimensions, proportions, components and compositions are set in relation to the human body. As a visitor you are confronted with full-scale drawings, exposing your own body and its shape and dimensions in accordance to the borders of architecture.

The consequences to the human body of borders have been documented through on-site visits, interviews and reports from a doctor at the refugee camp at Miksaliste in Belgrade, Serbia. As a visitor you can experience a few of those individual stories captured in time and space  through 3D models and maps.

CoRS has created a digital 3D database of border architecture, uncovering a new image of Europe’s fortification politics and the economy of migration.

The exhibition is organized by Codesign Research Studio in collaboration with ABF Stockholm and KTH School of Architecture with support from Stockholm City, Mikser House Belgrade, magazine Stad, Mats Gus Gustavsson, Färgsätt Måleri AB, Sara Deurell, Bo Robert Ek, Nils Pyk and Ying Sun.

Special thanks to: Mhamad Alawieh, Mohammad Albaz and Ahmad Oraby.

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