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Peter Ullstad
Architect / CEO / Founder

Peter founded Codesign in the late 90s when he was studying architecture. For the first 15 years it operated as a small-scale entrepreneurial enterprise, allowing Peter to meet his commitments to the academic world, while running the business. During this time he was a , teacher, a departmental head, a communications manager and a CAD design team leader. Today Peter uses his broad network to help grow the company. He has a strong belief that the world can be changed for the better; something that can be witnessed in his lectures and his vision for the future. Peter brings a great amount of energy to Codesign. He has set the bar high and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

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Ida Isaksson
Interior Architect

Information will be updated shortly.

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Karen Holmgren
Interior Architect

Karen has a background in business and finance, including a spell as a business controller in the banking world in Stockholm and Copenhagen. After 10 years she pursued further education in interior architecture in New York. Following several years of experience with private housing, Karen returned to Sweden where she has worked on a wide variety of projects. These include restaurants and offices that use architecture to build a brand, while focusing attention on the employee perspective.

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Lina Narvaja

Lina (Architect SAR/MSA) studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Ecole de l'Architecture de la Villette in Paris. With close to ten years experience in architectural creation, she has worked with everything from interior design and detailed design of private homes to major housing projects for clients like Oscar Properties and Magnolia Bostad (homes). In many of her projects Lina has been involved in multiple stages of the construction process – from concept sketches and designs to construction planning and completion. She likes nothing more than being present at a construction site to ensure that the end result meets everybody’s high expectations. Lina has also spent several years as a guest lecturer at the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

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Moa Dahlin

Moa began her career with Codesign as an intern, while studying architecture at the Stockholm Royal Institute of Engineering. During this time she developed an interest in architectural representation, which was also the topic of her degree thesis. This interest has generated a fascination with the boundaries of art, architecture and graphic design. Moa believes it's important that people feel comfortable in the architecture that is created for them.

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Veine Bartos

Veine Bartos was educated at the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. He began working at Codesign Research Studio in 2015 and was involved in the "Body and Border" project, which received international acclaim after exhibits in Stockholm and Belgrade, among others. He joined Codesign in September 2016. Alongside his work at Codesign, Veine is also a set designer and is active with Ställbergs mine, a platform for contemporary art in the old mining region of Bergslagen.

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Lovisa Kroon

Lovisa is a certified SAR/MSA architect. She studied at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology and at the University of Ferrara in Italy. After ten years in the industry, she has extensive experience from every aspect of architecture, ranging from concept development to initial drawings and completed projects. She’s also no stranger to planning, and has managed complex redevelopment projects. But if necessary she can also design small detailed carpentry work. Lovisa’s interest in housing has meant that during the past few years she has focused on designing houses, apartment complexes and loft/penthouse developments. She is happy to put time on the small details to ensure the best results for an entire project.

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Jelena Mijanović
Architect / Responsible Codesign Research Studio. Contact person Återhus

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Staffan Virke

Staffan studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (MSA). He has been an active member of Codesign since 2003 helping to build the business into what it is today. Over the years he has mainly worked with exhibitions, offices and schools. In his projects, Staffan pays particular attention to users and has a running dialogue with them throughout the entire process – from feasibility study to completed project.

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Anna Danielsson
Project Leader

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Martha Brauer

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Helen Wahlberg

Helen is an architect, with a SIR/MSA title, educated at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. She has 7 years of experience within architectural creation working through all of the construction process from idea, concept, implementation to completion. With an advertising and web design background, Helen has also worked with brand communication, graphic design, storytelling and design. By combining the two professions, Helen has a wide experience and great knowledge to transform ideas into unique projects focused on branding architecture.

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Jonathan Yamamoto Wahlstedt

Jonathan has a degree in interior architecture and furniture design from the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. During his studies he spent time at art school in Tokyo. Jonathan also has a degree in archaeology and has completed a curatorial education in exhibition production. He has designed exhibits for museums and created stage sets for theatre and dance performances. Jonathan's interest in architecture grew out of the desire to understand how we humans perceive and are affected by the room and the world around us from the perspective of the body and mind.

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Nadine Aschenbach

Nadine has close to 17 years of professional experience (SAR / MSA) from Sweden and the UK. During this time she has worked on many projects and been involved at every stage of the architectural process. This includes everything from analysis and concept development to design and supervising construction work. Nadine is also extremely interested in urban planning and sustainability issues and has expanded her expertise in these areas in recent years.

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Johan Alvfors

Johan is a recent graduate of architecture, which he studied in Stockholm and Zurich. Prior to becoming an architect, he worked with education policy where he focused on teaching and learning environments. Johan is particularly interested in the relationship between major social issues and the smallest details. Whether it's accommodation, the workplace or a seat of learning, his interest is in how architecture makes a difference. Johan's experience of change and the ability to quickly understand an organisation, goes hand in hand with an interdisciplinary and evolving process.

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Johan Carpner
Responsible interior project

Johan has a successful background as a designer with several awards and scholarships for his designs and product designs. He is constantly trying to challenge modern conventions with a new approach to design, while ensuring it isn’t experienced as odd or incomprehensible. He believes small changes provide new impressions and that everything – from a line of text to a house – acts as communication with the receiver of a message. He strongly believes in the power of curiosity, of listening to others and people’s desire to share ideas and knowledge. This is what has led Johan to the role of a Designer/Project Manager where both planning and design receive equal attention.

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Sara Artursson
Finance manager

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