Codesign is a full-service architectural bureau

By full-service we mean that we have all the expertise that you would expect at an architecture firm, plus we have personnel with specialist expertise in related and highly relevant areas.

This allows us to take much more responsibility in projects. We can handle all processes from analysis and feasibility studies, through to concept development, design, planning and implementation, and finally to follow-up and review. This is the Codesign way and we are convinced that it strengthens the architectural process and delivers maximum customer benefit.

We begin with people and finish with a great building

Our projects range from schools and offices to exhibitions, residential buildings and retails outlets. However, not matter what the project, we always apply the same Codesign philosophy.

The knowledge and experience we gain from one job can and should be used on the next one. A perfect example of this is the reuse of design elements from the architectural project at Stockholm City Mission School, in the design Lidingö City Hall. Again, we could apply some our work from the KlimaX exhibition in Oslo, to the design of the Epicentre office. Essentially, we cross fertilise to ensure the best results.