Codesign has grown from five to almost 60 employees in just five years. What’s more, we’ve done it organically, primarily through our network. And it’s through this network that we also meet many of our partners, customers and friends.

The Cotalks concept is rooted in the idea that we want to learn more about diverse topics and, at the same time, share this knowledge with others.

Accordingly, we urge you to attend one of our free CoTalks. They take place regularly, cover a variety of topics, and are held by inspiring lecturers. We are sure you will find them of interest.
Although we set the agenda in advance, we are always looking for inspirational speakers on exciting topics. If you want to hold a lecture, or recommend a topic or speaker, then get in touch with us. Even if you just want to exchange Cotalk ideas, we are always happy to hear from you and discuss them.
Contact us at: info (at)