CoTalk 23/3: The camera as a tool: an inspirational lecture about the power of images in the media

Are you active on Instagram and Facebook? Are you inflenced by different ideals? If yes, then we’d like to extend an extra warm welcome to you to the first spring CoTalk where the image is in focus. Our children are constantly connected. As they grow up a never-ending stream of images and inherited ideals will surround them. What is the power of the image to them and to us adults? How we can we take control of the image and all the ideals that the image conveys? For this Cotalk we have invited the photographer and social entrepreneur Felicia Margineanu to present her perspective on this and the importance of empowering the younger generation by highlighting the importance of social media opportunities in a chaotic world.

Felicia is the founder of OhSnap!, an organisation that trains young photographers to think critically within society norms.

“We provide a free platform for participants to learn the basics of photography. However we encourage them to look at things critically, and develop a greater understanding of media, standards, retouching and photography with a gender perspective. Via our platform we are creating a new generation of young conscientious photographers and models,” says Felicia.

The lecture will provide you with practical tips on how you can think and keep thinking critically in a world dominated by images. You will also discover how – through the use of concrete tools – you can help younger people in your circles to think critically.

Felicia helps employees, members and young people at many different organisations including Save the Children, PostNord, Mentor Sweden and Friends, to challenge their perspectives. She is also actively involved with primary schools, secondary schools and municipalities, helping to inspire teachers, parents and students to dare to be themselves and take advantage of social media opportunities. Over 100 000 people have attended lectures held by Felicia.

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Location: Codesign, Sveavägen 56 E PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS!
Time: Breakfast is served from 7: 45 – 8.15 am. The seminar takes place between 8:15 – 9: 00 am on March 23.

Places are limited and issued on a first come first served basis. The seminars are free but we will charge an administration fee of 400 SEK / participant for any cancellations less than 24 hours before the seminar takes place.

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