CoTalk 6/4: Filter Bubbles – What are they and what can you do about them

A downside to social media is that as the algorithms become so good at selecting and displaying content they think we like, we miss out on the things we do not like as they become invisible. How is our ability to understand what’s true or false in the world impacted when Facebook filters out what is not consistent to what we already believe? Can we even find out the facts when Google searches provide different answers depending on who is looking for something?

Per Grankvist has the answer. He is a respected journalist and the author of the acclaimed essay “A World of filter bubbles”. During an instructive and entertaining seminar he will explain how the filter bubbles work and what we can do to pop or put holes in them.

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Location: Codesign, Sveavägen 56 E PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS!
Time: Breakfast is served from 7: 45 – 8.15 am. The seminar takes place between 8:15 – 9: 00 am, on April 6.

Places are limited and issued on a first come first served basis. The seminars are free but we will charge an administration fee of 400 SEK / participant for any cancellations less than 24 hours before the seminar takes place.

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More about Per Grankvist
Per is an independent columnist who contributes to the editorial pages of national and local Swedish newspapers. He also participates regularly in TV news panel to comment on the week’s events. He is the editor of CSR in Practice, an analysis newsletter that he founded in 2006, which highlights how companies make money through sustainability. Over 20,000 people who work with sustainability issues in Sweden subscribe to the newsletter. Per has been the Chairman of Fair Trade Sweden since 2014.