Because he discovered… exhibition at the Nobel museum

Codesign was asked to design an exhibition celebrating Albert Einstein

The exhibition, which focused on a young Albert Einstein, celebrated three aspects of his life: the person, physics, and the Nobel prize. Three Mobius bands, each measuring 150 m x 2 m, were slung around the room. The bands were braided together to bind the exhibition together: three themes like three Roman rings.

The exhibition’s starting point was 1905, when at 26, Einstein presented three ground-breaking physics theories. It also included the following years as he slowly worked out his theory of curved space and the theory of relativity that made him so famous in 1919. The exhibition ends at 1922 when Einstein was made a Nobel laureate and visited Sweden. What events during these years influenced his career as a physicist? How did Einstein, the private man, mature and develop? What was the ceremony like when he actually received the Nobel Prize? The exhibition looks for answers about the man behind the myth in curved space.

Team: Peter ullstad, Staffan virke

Project team

Staffan Virke
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Peter Ullstad
Architect and Founder
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