Epicenter (LAB)

Challenge: Create the future home of digital innovation

Epicenter, which opened in January 2015, is the first in a line of Urban Landscape projects by AMF Properties that includes one of Stockholm’s largest shopping malls. Known as the Home of Digital Innovation, Epicenter spans four floors and covers over 4000 sq. m. Codesign was responsible for the planning, building, renovation and design of the center.


The fact that Epicenter tested a concept and then scaled up the operation gave us enormous freedom, both as architects and users, who were sat in the office landscape.
“We have been able to tear down the walls, floors and ceilings, which has led to a new creative energy in the space,” says Linda Fredén, Architect at Codesign.


The Epicenter office is characterised by a sense of “roughness”, the materials used are tough and unforgiving, and much of the furnishing has been designed specifically for the rental office environment. There are hutches on wheels that can be moved around the room, as well as mobile meeting rooms, inbuilt mobile projector tables, and other furniture that can be moved and formed into different constellations, all to provide greater flexibility.


“The idea behind Epicenter was to make it the natural location for fast-growing organizations and large innovative companies, and enable them to reside side-by-side. A unique type of flexibility is required for this to work, which Codesign was able to solve,” says Patrick Mesterton, Founder and CEO of Epicenter. “ You can think of this office as a laboratory, where we test different solutions. And in two years we can scale up the operation based on what works best and what needs developing further,” says Jacob Holst, Interior designer at Codesign.
Team: Linda Fredén,  Jacob Holst,  Kristina Ahlström,  Åsa Grönlund,  Ulrica O Magnusson,  Gabriel Stuart
team: Linda Fredén, Gabriel Stuart, Jacob Holst, Ulrica Magnusson, Kristina Ahlström, Åsa Grönlund

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