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In December 2016, the Epicenter rental office complex opened up for business on Master Samuelsgatan Street in downtown Stockholm. The 11.000 sq. m. building is twice as big as the original Epicenter innovation center, which opened in 2015. Epicenter offers clients a unique and flexible environment, where likeminded innovative companies – whether start-ups or established organizations – can sit together and build networks and collaborations. Tenants in the new complex include Google for Entrepreneurs and Fish Brain. Codesign was responsible for architectural concept development of both centers.

“In many ways, this is a unique project from an architectural perspective. As Epicenter was located at a different address previously, we were able to test our way forward over a period of a few years to get to the solution we see before us today. We had the chance to analyse and develop all the features and custom designs that we have created for Epicenter 2.0. What’s more, when you’re set an assignment to create the optimal conditions for innovation and collaboration, the bar is set very high,” says Linda Fredén, Architect at Codesign.

Solution Flexibility is at the heart of the concept. This includes everything from movable walls that can be divided according to a grid system, to dedicated areas that serve multiple purposes. “We’ve created an innovative platform that supports the creativity of Epicenter members, regardless of their requirements. Technology and innovation also shine through in the design aesthetics, in the form of both custom-designed lighting, and 3D installations that convey both artistic and commutative elements. Epicenter members have access to a restaurant, plus a venue for up to 360 people, which can be transformed to accommodate a 300 seated audience, or host a social evening, a seated dinner, a workshop or any other such event.

About Epicenter Epicenter is Stockholm’s first digital House of Innovation at the heart of the city and Sweden’s digital landscape. At Epicenter members are invited to innovate alongside the world’s fastest growing digital companies and creative corporate initiatives. Within Epicenter, Swedish and international entrepreneurs and companies meet to collaborate, learn and grow their businesses.

Team:  Linda Fredén,  Jacob Holst,  Nadine Aschenbach,  Ying Sun,  Nils Pyk,  Åsa Grönlund,  Ulrica O Magnusson

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