Future Room

A study to understand the challenges facing the future workplace


To tackle the issue facing the future workplace we followed a classic academic approach, namely a series of lectures, seminars and discussions with the AMF Property Development Company and students from the Architecture Faculty at Stockholm Royal School of Engineering and the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. The results were presented in an exhibition in Spring 2013, called the Future Room.

Five themes were at focus in the exhibition:

Parasites, Platforms, Limitless future, Boa and Imprint. All the projects in the exhibition pointed to the extreme flexibility of future workplaces: office environments that are built up as theatre scenes whereby the scenery alternates between different acts. We also saw examples where the rooms, the furniture and the technology are controlled by our senses and emotions. According to the Future Room, future workplaces will lack the boundaries between work and leisure and closed and public environments. The study also showed a clear fear of the future and the need for security and stability seem to be increasing in our future workplace.


The project produced several interesting results: an exhibition that responded to the assignment, interest and involvement from within the industry, and extensive media attention, which was also part of the assignment. National newspapers, news sites and blogs wrote about the exhibition and the Swedish National TV News was present at the opening of the exhibition.

team: Petra Lindfors, Peter Ullstad, Elis Forsgård

Project team

Petra Lindfors
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Peter Ullstad
Architect and Founder
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