Grillska Restaurant and Kitchen

In summer 2014, Codesign redesigned the interior of the Grillska Restaurant and Kitchen in connection with the redevelopment project at Grillska upper school in Marievik, Sweden. The restaurant, which includes a bakery and cafe, is also used as an education centre for students studying catering.

“The restaurant broadened its offering. It doesn’t just serve lunches anymore, it is also an all day cafe with the added bonus of beautiful lake views. We focused on this when developing our interior design concept, which is why we created such a flexible and varied interior, without compromising the overall experience,” says Staffan Wood, Architect at Codesign.

Lunch service is operated by students at the high school as part of the catering programme. They learn everything from peeling potatoes to treating customers professionally, in a real restaurant environment.

team: Staffan Virke, Petra Lindfors

Project team

Staffan Virke
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Petra Lindfors
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