Grillska upper school

A few small steps can make the environment better for everybody

When students returned to Grillska School in Stockholm after the summer holidays in 2014, they were met by a newly renovated facility that felt modern and welcoming. Codesign’s mission was to create a better school and working environment for everybody within a tight budget.


“School environments are often neglected, similar to the way office environments were treated 10-15 years ago. In the workplace, focus is put on promoting work and creating a good atmosphere, in a school it’s all about learning, educational achievements and wellbeing. It’s basically the same thing,” says Petra Lindfors, Architect at Codesign. The assignment also included updating the interior of the adjoining restaurant, Grillskas Kitchen.  

team: Staffan Virke, Petra Lindfors, Fanny zu Knyphausen Berg

Project team

Staffan Virke
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Petra Lindfors
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