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In connection with the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018, Codesign was commissioned to design the Iittala exhibition at the fair. The challenges when designing exhibitions at fairs are the surrounding stands and interiors disturbing the message of the own brand. It’s important to find your own identity and a way to catch attention of the eye along with all other impressions.

– We created a exhibition architecture that was visual appealing and strong in itself. Furthermore it didn’t compete with the products but acted as a backdrop and lifted the products, says Sanna Gebeyehu, Concept Developer at Codesign. Making a physical interpretation of such a strong brand name as Iittala is an honorable challenge.


The exhibition architecture is sprung out of the inspiration from the Iittala’s 136 year old history of creating premium glass objects, the silhouette of the Nordic nature and the poetic and diverse expression of glass. The design is an abstract and up scaled version of a mold multiplied with a variety of sizes. The backdrop embraces each and every object, just like in the process when the glass is hugged by the mold, when it´s shaping the glass. The aesthetics of the architecture is strong, yet fragile and transparent at the same time, mirroring the characteristics of glass. The design of the stand is the tool for presenting the objects in a dramatic and elegant yet simple way where the glass is the star of the show.

Only design made with love and passion is sustainable for the eye over time. Only design made with love and passion build friendships longer than a lifetime. Only design made with love and passion create icons.

team: Sanna Gebeyehu, Jonathan Yamamoto Wahlstedt, Veine Bartos

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