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In connection with the Stockholm Design Week 2017, Codesign was commissioned to design the Iittala exhibition at the city’s Wetterling Gallery. Iittala, is a Finnish tableware producer, specialising in plates, glasses and crockery. The exhibition theme was based on the new perspective of food – as described below at the exhibition:

“We have turned convention on its head and explored how we eat and what we eat today,” says Sanna Gebeyehu, Concept Developer at Codesign.

Studies show that the average household in the inner city of Stockholm has 1.8 persons living there. This means that many Stockholmers often eat alone – where they may choose to eat in front of the computer – or dine in a larger group outside of the home. The modern family model also means that many families have split weeks, whereby there are adults at the dinner table one week and a bunch of kids at home the next.

“Nowadays, we might have a date on Skype, or children studying abroad or staying with a friend in New York. How does it affect our meals? A greater awareness of what we eat has become a hygiene factor. Therefore we had a chef Sami Tallberg from Finland who illustrated the organic diet in the most unorthodox way,” continues Sanna.

team: Sanna Gebeyehu, Jonathan Yamamoto Wahlstedt, Veine Bartos

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