Klima X

Develop a concept and design an exhibition that highlights climate change

Develop a concept and design an exhibition that highlights climate change.

For Klima X we developed an exhibition that put the visitor first. Instead of merely informing them about climate change we decided to speak to the senses and leave an indelible mark. We wanted to create a lasting impression that would be felt in the pit of a visitor’s stomach, rather than just their brain, and ensure they remembered the message the day after their visit. The core of the project was water in liquid and solid form. 12 tons of ice was shipped to the exhibition and the venue was filled with water. Visitors were asked to change into bright yellow wellington boots at the entrance and invited to wade into the sea. While they waded out into the cold waters between the ice blocks, informative text and graphic images were projected onto large canvas sheets.

Large electric fans simulated the wind, which meant that the large canvases fluttered at times, making it difficult to read the texts. Radio controlled inflatable boats added an interactive twist to the traditional narrative exhibition, whereby the visitors themselves were able to navigate the global topic of climate change.


A total budget of 6 MSEK. Results The Norwegian Technical Museum’s annual number of visitors rose from 140,000 to 210,000. Thanks to the exhibition, the museum reached out to new audiences and it still receives this number of visitors annually. KlimaX won several awards, including being chosen as the best Nordic exhibition concept in 2009. It also received the “Roy L Shafer Leading Edge Award” for the best experience visit in 2009. In doing so, KlimaX became the first non-American exhibition to receive this prestigious award.

team: Peter Ullstad, Staffan Virke

Project team

Staffan Virke
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Peter Ullstad
Architect and Founder
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