An office with rehearsal space, a “children's room" and a dedicated spot for bicycles.

The rapidly growing Internet TV company Magine needed new premises and asked us to create something similar to what we had done at AMF Property’s headquarters. The concept ended up as a mix between a sitcom and a talk show, furnished with second-hand furniture with seating for close to 150 people.


Codesign created a work environment where staff can quickly move between different work zones and creative work modules. A meeting table can become a desk or a spot for a spontaneous coffee. Likewise, the reception area is also a bar with a DJ booth. Other features include a rehearsal room, a “children’s room” and a dedicated spot to park bikes. The dining area is an extension of the usual office location and is connected to the reception areas. This promotes informal meetings, lunches and coffee breaks.

Team: Jon Mjönes,  Linda Fredén

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