MEDA commissioned Codesign to help them streamline space at their premises in connection with company growth. They also wanted to strengthen the brand throughout the premises and increase visibility among employees.


Meda has moved from a traditional office cubical workspace to an open landscape office, rich in both quiet areas and conference rooms. The centre of the office houses a square, where meetings and lunch breaks take place.


The office, which was previously perceived as a difficult space to orient, has been opened up, and all workplaces are now located along the window. Unused areas, such as corridors, have been replaced with communication paths and flexible surfaces such as sliding screens. The project grew from two floor plans, to include a third floor and the reception area.

About Meda

Meda is a leading international specialty pharma company with a broad product portfolio reaching more than 80% of the global pharmaceutical market. Sales at the end of 2015 amounted to more than SEK 19,6 billion.

team: Camilla Nordgren, Julia Andersson, Johanna Astner, Åsa Grönlund, Ulrica Magnusson

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