Get a tour of the construction site of the new Brogårda school

In order to involve the students in the building process of their new school, the principal Monika Kjell and the school administrator Paulina Gyll give a guided tour of the construction site. Explore the school through their video clip (in Swedish) here.Read more

What is break even in social sustainability?

Welcome to listen to a panel discussion about social sustainability. Is there a scale? If so, what is break even? The seminar will be held in Swedish. Listen live in Arkitekturträdgården in Almedalen or watch it live online.Read more

CoTalk 8/3: Including and excluding language

On this CoTalk we will discuss our Swedish language, the written word and its evolution into a more specific, specialized, and therefore excluding media. Our guest is Patrik Hadenius, journalist and founder of the Swedish journal, Språktidningen. The talk will be held in Swedish. For more information, see the Swedish invitation. Place: Codesign, Sveavägen 56…Read more

CoTalk 25/1 From Nowhere to Everywhere: Social Sustainability

After ten years of working with social sustainability, Harry McNeil is now applying his expertise to the property market, where he is the Sustainability and Marketing Manager at Sveafastighet Bostad. In the first CoTalk of 2018, Harry will be sharing his experiences and hopes for the future, with particular focus on how commerce can drive…Read more

26/10 Building relations and personifying your brand through social media

This October, strategy and social media consultant Lydia Kellam will be sharing her experiences and some inspirational tips with us. Join us for breakfast and learn how to use social media to personify your brand and build relationships with different target groups. Lydia Kellam runs her own company and works freelance with social media, content…Read more

Architecture, design and branding are integrated at Codesign

At a recent lecture, Martrin Frostner discussed the characteristic Art-Noveau design of the Paris Metro, and how it was created through a close collaboration between the typographer George Auriol and the architect Hector Guimard. In the audience, listening closely, was Codesign founder Peter Ullstad. There and then started an idea of a new cooperation between…Read more

See you in Almedalen!

Codesign will be represented at Almedalen on July 2 -7. Let us know if you’ll be there aswell – we’d be more than happy to meet up. If you’re not sure who to contact, send an email to info(at) and we’ll get back to you. Our office in Stockholm is open throughout the summer. Happy…Read more

31/8 First CoTalk of the fall

The Convention on the Rights of Children will be incorporated into Swedish law on January 1st 2018. What impact will this have on architecture and the real estate industry? And what will it mean for our customers? We’ve invited Hanna Gerdes, human rights lawyer and author of the book “Children’s Rights”, to tell us more…Read more

Codesign’s Linda Fredén invited to participate in panel discussion on cities and premises

Codesign and the architect Linda Fredén have been invited to participate in a panel discussion, Smart Cities & Digitalisation of Properties as part of TMT Day on the 6th  April. Linda Fredén is one of several people responsible for Epicenter which Codesign developed, partly for Malmskillnadsgatan as well as Mäster Samuelsgatan. Other panel members are…Read more

Building permit issued for Brogårda School

Following a swift and successful building application process, we are proud to announce that the new Brogårda School in Bjuv has been granted planning permission. Construction is expected to start in 2017 and continue until spring 2019. The team from Codesign, which has grown since project start-up, now consists of architects Linda Gustafsson Lutener, Cathrin…Read more

4/5 CoTalk: Bigger, faster and more fun: – The smart way for Stockholm to grow

Sweden’s capital is not only one of Europe’s fastest growing cities, it’s also one of the world’s best cities to live in. The region has a strong economy, a world-class technology cluster and is a leader in life sciences. What’s more, there are more global headquarters here than in all the other Nordic capitals put…Read more

CoTalk 23/3: The camera as a tool: an inspirational lecture about the power of images in the media

Are you active on Instagram and Facebook? Are you inflenced by different ideals? If yes, then we’d like to extend an extra warm welcome to you to the first spring CoTalk where the image is in focus. Our children are constantly connected. As they grow up a never-ending stream of images and inherited ideals will…Read more

CoTalk 6/4: Filter Bubbles – What are they and what can you do about them

A downside to social media is that as the algorithms become so good at selecting and displaying content they think we like, we miss out on the things we do not like as they become invisible. How is our ability to understand what’s true or false in the world impacted when Facebook filters out what…Read more

The latest cohorts at Codesign Research Studio

Markus Hölbling, Architect, Helena Cervin Ellqvist, Architect, Jelena Mijanovic, Architect and Head of Codesign Research Studio and Leni Ellburg, Architect.Read more