Nordic Me

An inspirational exhibition for Formex, autumn 2016

Codesign was commissioned to interpret Formex’s 2016 autumn season theme: “Nordic Me.”

“We looked at the typical perspective of “Nordic” and tried to translate it into contemporary Nordic symbols. We asked ourselves what does typical Nordic mean to us today? Is it lightly-coloured wood, unadorned and oh so natural?” says Sanna, concept developer at Codesign.

The architectural exhibition is an abstraction of Nordic natural forms and phenomena. It’s inspired by mountains, oceans, the northern lights, ice and snow formations, and the countryside. The inner structure creates a dynamic space. From one side of the installation visitors are invited into conventional Nordic in terms of colours and shapes, from the other side everything appears typically exotic from a Nordic perspective. The two sides converge in the middle to form the definition of Nordic Me.

“We chose to name our interpretation “breaking thru conventions”. The objects and products on the two sides of the exhibition were reflections of one another. Exactly the same shape but in two different manifestations. We wanted to show that the colour and pattern choices determine what one thinks is Nordic or exotic, even when the object is the same,” said Sun Ying, Architect at Codesign.

Size 250 sq.m.
Number of visitors at Formex: 25,000
Formex Fairs exhibition in August, 2016.

Team: Sanna Gebeyehu,  Ying Sun

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