"15.4 sq. m. micro-apartments are maxed out to provide residents with all the features they need."

In November 2016 the first 18 micro apartments at Nykvarn were completed. Codesign has played an active role throughout the entire architectural process – from building permits and documents to construction and final delivery.

“Nykvarn is a growing municipality with a housing shortage. Our client identified a number of poorly utilised storage units and contacted us to see if we could turn them into affordable housing? The answer was a resounding yes,” says Nadine Aschenbach, Architect at Codesign.

15.4 sq. m. micro-apartments are maxed out to provide residents with all the necessary features they need. The living, sleeping and dining areas overlap and a newly-installed French balcony door increases the natural light to create a sensation of space.

“We worked to create a feeling of multiple levels, ranging from a built-in raised bed, to smart storage features,” continues Nadine.

“Micro apartments are a great alternative to hotel rooms but shouldn’t be considered permanent residences. They are ideal for shorter rental periods and in that sense are a good option for student, business and commuter-based housing. They open up new possibilities, and I hope other municipalities get inspired to look at options for existing black spots,” concludes Elis Forsgård, Project Manager at Codesign.

The project was initiated by a private landlord who is now selling the units to SBB.

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team: Nadine Aschenbach, lina Narvaja, Elis Forsgård

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