Oil and gas

Concept and Design of Norwegian oil and gas exhibition.

Concept and design for an exhibition of Norwegian oil and gas

“We tell the history of the modern oil-rich Norway by creating a playful exhibition without looking too intensely into the reasons why the oil and gas industry is so important for the Norwegian economy or indeed its impact on the environment,” says Sanna, Concept Developer at Codesign. Visitors can go on a journey that begins at the site where oil was first found in Norway. They then continue through the industrial development before finally arriving at today’s high-tech, CO2 capture systems. “It should be possible to walk through the exhibit in 15 minutes and understand what it’s about. At the same time, anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the details can do so. Interaction takes place at stations where you can: experiment with the oil price and see how the world economy is affected; try out evacuation shoots; or hold meetings with virtual representatives of the 250 000 employees from 70 different professions within the oil and gas industry,” says Staffan Wood, Architect at Codesign. Codesign developed the interactive elements of the exhibition in close cooperation with the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology and Gagarin of Iceland.

team: Peter Ullstad, Staffan Virke, Sanna Gebeyehu

Project team

Staffan Virke
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Peter Ullstad
Architect and Founder
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