A global group’s local office is adapted to suit local and international employees

Develop and design a new work and office concept for SAP.
Based on a requirements assessment we identified SAP’s need for an activity-based office. In total, the project included change management, requirements analysis, extensive workshops, concept development and design, and eventually delivery for occupancy.


SAP had a 3000 sq. m. open office spread across three floors with too few meeting rooms. Today, they have a much more flexible working environment that provides for  different daily work situations, such as holding and participating in web meetings and teleconferences, holding training sessions, and hosting company events for employees and customers. There is also a library and IT laboratory. Basically, SAP now has a local office that fits within a global group and suits local and international employees. Number sq.m. 2300 Number of employees: 180 SAP is at the center of today’s technology revolution. The market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps organizations fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition

Team: Sanna Gebeyehu, Ulrica Magnusson

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