From that small operation in the north to a successful company

Solidar’s new office is very welcoming, suggesting warmth and cordiality. The working environment highlights the Investment Fund Company’s journey from a small operation in northern Sweden to the successful company Solidar is today. Occupying 528 sq. m. there is plenty of room for growth because, in a couple of years, they expect to double in size, from 15 to 30 employees.
The decor is modelled on the company’s profile and the colour palette is derived from nature. Quality handicrafts have been selected that reflect the northern heritage of the company, while wooden furniture from Stockholm gives the office a more contemporary feel.

Extended assignment:
Codesign has been chosen to design Solidar’s office in Umeå, northern Sweden.
Size: 528 sq. m. for a company in growth.

Team: Petra Lindfors, Åsa Grönlund

Project team

Petra Lindfors
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