Stockholm City Mission’s Young Health

Assignment: Bring three organisations together under one roof

For most visitors to the youth clinic, this is their first interaction with a therapist or indeed this type of clinical environment. Therefore it’s important that they enter a welcoming space with a warm atmosphere, as opposed to a sterile, bureaucratic environment. However, it can be tricky to get the right balance of credibility and warmth particularly when the clinic offers both gynaecological examinations and counselling.

The building which was chosen for the clinic is an old, former school with high ceilings. To provide access to several smaller rooms, without removing too much of the airy feel of the former classrooms, tiled glass walls that protrude out into the corridor were used. This also makes the corridors much brighter and more pleasant to be in.

The Stockholm City Mission wanted to create synergies by co-locating three organizations – clinic for young men, youth therapy centre and youth clinic – in the same building. The organisations are collectively called Young Health. One reason for co-locating them was so that the staff could exchange experiences and knowledge with one another. In total there are 12 permanent employees, but the therapy centre has a large number of volunteers. It was therefore important to create meeting areas for staff beyond the kitchen, which is a natural gathering place. A mixture of furnishing from the City Mission’s charity shop and heavily discounted designer furniture combine to create a warm and cosy environment.


Stockholm City Mission’s youth clinic Young Health moved into the premises in spring 2013.

Team: Love Neuschütz,  Staffan Virke,  Monika Lenkmann,  Linda Fredén,  Peter Ullstad

Project team

Peter Ullstad
Architect and Founder
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