Sundbyberg Town Hall

Create a cultural landscape that will cultivate good relations between employees and citizens

As the population increases in the municipality of Sundbyberg, so too does the need for services. We were commissioned to design and adapt a new, larger premises covering 8600 sq. m., which the organization could grow into over the next 10 years. In total it had to accommodate around 320 workstations and multiple public areas. Somewhat unusually, the project was undertaken both as the tenant’s and the property owner’s (AMF) architect.

The design concept takes inspiration from the plant kingdom under the theme “Growing Power”. Rather than traditional office seating plans, the vision of landscapes with hills and mountains has been used to create new meeting areas as well as a restaurant and a “coffice”. Organic role models have influenced features, behaviour, and the look and feel of the interior.


Visibility among employees has greatly increased in the new premises. Workstations are collaboratively designed with employees, and administration staff that collaborate regularly, now sit next to one another. The foyer at Sundbyberg Town Hall is now open and welcoming. The public can participate in public discussions and exhibitions about what is going on in the community, while having a coffee or lunch in the restaurant. Even the organisation itself has become more open now that the “closed door” environment has been removed.

Team: Johanna Nenander,  Love Neuschütz,  Jon Mjönes,  Linda Fredén,  Moa Dahlin,  Ulrica O Magnusson,  Elis Forsgård,  Peter Ullstad

Project team

Peter Ullstad
Architect and Founder
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Moa Dahlin
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