"We dare to be different"

Provide a name, graphic identity and interior design concept for a new pioneering law firm.
Codesign was approached by four lawyers with extensive international experience who wanted to start a new law firm with the goal of growing to 30 or so employees within a year. But they didn’t only need help with the premises, they also wanted us to give the company a visual identity in the form of a name and a graphic profile. This was to be used to drive the interior architectural concept.


The name SYNCH summarises the firm’s values, in which interaction with clients is essential. Transparency and modesty were two words that were regularly mentioned in the initial meetings between Codesign and Synch. It became the starting point for the interior concept. This naturally led to an open, activity-based office space, supplemented with several small meeting rooms. The office has large windows and a large balcony spanning the entire facade. This allowed us to create a sensation of continuity as the wooden tables indoors transition into stone tables outdoors. Codesign’s team consisted of an interior designer, a project manager, a creative director, a concept developer and Johan Mets, a freelance illustrator who developed a Synch graphic pattern, which is used as a key element in all company communication.


Synch has an office and graphic identity that reflects their desire to be a modern, expanding law firm.

team: Love Neuschütz, Sanna Gebeyehu, Ulrica o Magnusson

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