Stockholm is ranked second best city in the world for IT start-ups

Conscious Co-living
Codesign was commissioned by Techfarm to develop the concept and design their  “Conscious Co-living” initiative: a national initiative to develop a new kind of housing.

“Stockholm is second only to Silicon Valley for start-up companies in the software industry, but the lack of available housing in the region is having a negative impact on this. The conscious co-living project is about developing and maximising compact living and the sharing of common areas and ideas,” says Jelena Mijanovic, Architect at Codesign.

The concept is based on an analysis of the target audience and their lifestyle. Co-living is aimed at the people involved in start-ups. Ambitious, hard-working individuals who have intensely busy periods, but also believe in the well-being of the body and mind. They expect a high quality of life in the form of access to such things as yoga studios, private chefs and a gym. The common areas are designed for planned or spontaneous meetings, where peer coaching and the exchange of ideas is essential.

Codesign has developed a programme and, based on this, created a “flagship building”.

About Techfarm

”Techfarm is a purpose-driven real estate venture that launches and manages conscious co-living and co-working properties for global citizens. Our mission is to launch over 100 properties in start-up cities across the world within the next 10 years. Each hub will have its own unique character and personality that will be co-created with our founding residents and members.” Footnote Per capita, the Stockholm region comes a very honourable second place after Silicon Valley, with USD 6.3 billion per million inhabitants, compared to Silicon Valley’s USD 6.9 billion. Read more

team: Jelena Mijanovic, Veine Bartos

Project team

Jelena Mijanović
Architect / Responsible Codesign Research Studio
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Veine Bartos
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