The interval

The interval project explores the space and time that exists during a subway ride. We step into this gap between volatile spaces and are forced to pause for a few minutes between departure and our destination. Can it really be defined as boredom, daydreaming and anything and everything in between?

In a time where everything moves faster than before and time for reflection seems increasingly scarce, we have explored the tube as a place of tranquility, a space where our thoughts can wander. The project was initiated folowing a survey that stated only 46% of Stockholm’s tube travellers focus on the surrounding environment or are actively involved in some form of task when they are on public transport. The remaining 52% do not seem to do much at all. We have tried to answer questions about the underground space, the tranquil sanctuary, the creation of a space for doing nothing.

To highlight the traveller’s perspective on the journey and make those responsible for the tube space aware of our findings.

The investigation resulted in a filmed report  and a  great article in the daily newpapers.  We also met all the responsible players in the Stockholm public transport arena including SL (Stockhom Public Transport) and presented our findings to them.

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