The latest cohorts at Codesign Research Studio

Markus Hölbling, Architect, Helena Cervin Ellqvist, Architect, Jelena Mijanovic, Architect and Head of Codesign Research Studio and Leni Ellburg, Architect.

In September 2016 a new cohort of mentees started at Codesign Research Studio. Resident Codesign Architect and the Head of Codesign Research Studio, Jelena Mijanovic will mentor architects Markus Hölbling, Helena Cervin Ellqvist and Lenin Ellburg. The group will be actively involved in the intersection between architectural theory and practice until May 2017.

About Codesign Research Studio
Our goal is to identify and eliminate the gap between policy makers and users, to create discussion about what architecture is and can do, and question the role and responsibility of the architect.

Codesign Research Studio, CORS, is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Codesign. It is made up of recently graduated architects and designers who receive the support of experienced architects at Codesign. It operates at the intersection between theory and practice, developing independent inquiry, focusing on people, and exploring issues that are rarely highlighted.