An attractive place of work

Codesign was commissioned to develop The Tjuren Consultancy Company’s office concept. The  company is expanding and wanted to create an attractive workplace for employees.

“Tjuren’s consultants spend much of their time at customer sites. With the new office the owners wanted to persuade consultants to spend more time at the office between meetings in order to share their knowledge and strengthen the company culture,” says Camilla Nordgren, Architect of Codesign.

The concept was based on a new interpretation of the company Tjuren (Bull in English), and it also borrowed inspiration from the animal the bull and what it stands for. A lot of effort was also spent on developing elements that create the right associations with the company’s identity, without referring to it by its name. This resulted in a modern hub in the city with a distinct architectural concept that includes a series of bespoke features designed by Codesign.

team: Jon Mjönes, camilla Nordgren, Peter Ullstad, Elis Forsgård

Project team

Peter Ullstad
Architect and Founder
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