No Way Audio Walk

No way is communicated in several different formats: the catalogue, a panel talk and an audio walk with full-scale drawings presented in central Stockholm in April and May 2017.

The audio walk developed from the idea to transform and enlarge the drawings from paper into a public environment where they could be experienced in relation to the visitors.

The visitors were given an audio receiver and were told to follow a guide, the audio file consisted of a guiding voice as well as different stories from the informants, translated into Swedish. The walk lasted about 30 minutes and took the visitors to different spaces along the routes of people seeking refuge; the truck that Nour travelled in with 100 other persons, the forest in Gevgelija where Mohanad stayed for 20 days, and Moria where Samir ended up after being rescued in the Mediterranean sea.

You find the full manuscript down below under ”Pressmaterial” and their full stories in illustration and text through No Way.