Include me

INCLUDE ME is an action by Codesign Research Studio performed at the opening of the Venice Biennale, on the 26th and 27th of May 2016. The aim of the action is to raise the question of inclusion or exclusion in architecture, at the Venice Biennale and in the EU. Who makes decisions about who should- and who should not be included? Who takes responsibility for the consequences of exclusion of people?

The action involves the visitors of the Biennale by assigning them a scale figure that is in need of being included in a project at the exhibition. The scale figures are distributed outside the borders of the Biennale. One scale figure represents 1,000 people. In total there are 1255 unique scale figures that correspond to the 1,255,000 refugees that applied for asylum in Europe in 2015 (source: Eurostat).

INCLUDE ME is part of a larger research project, Body & Border, where Codesign Research Studio analyzes the purpose and consequences of Europe’s new border architecture.

Codesign Research Studio (CoRS), is a non-profit subsidiary of Codesign architectural bureau. CoRS operates at the intersection of theory and action, bridging the gap between academic research and professional practice.

Through self-initiated, independent studies, CoRS seeks to identify areas of spatial friction between users and decision makers, proposing solutions that bring the two groups closer to each other. CoRS uses an architect’s tools and methods in exploring questions of architecture as a means of controlling spatial exclusion and inclusion of people, thus also questioning the role and responsibility of the architect.